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Reverb is a very common effect that exists in all the audios you know, and that’s why it can always be seen on the pedal board of most guitar players. People always would like to try some new effects based on the classic tones, but it means that you have to buy more pedals and bigger pedal board, which will cost a lot. Maybe it is time to listen to the sounds of Reverie Reverb, which will absolutely surprise you!

Product features: Rich combined tones: Reverie Reverb is a new member of Mooer Twin Series, equipped with 5 unique basal reverb tones---- Reverb, Plate, Shimmer, Octave and Modulation. Each could be fit for the Wah, Low-Pass, Flanger, Tremolo and Water effect respectively. You can also adjust the modulation effect into OFF to get pure reverb tone. Stereo input and output: Reverie Reverb has both dual-input and dual-output, which could connect other stereo equipments conveniently with professional stereo reverb sound. What’s more, there is a Pan Mod knob on the panel board. When pushing down the Pan Mod knob, you could get more spacious phase effect in the stereo mode. Great range of adjustment: above the reverb knob and modulation knob on the panel board, there are respectively 3 knobs to control the parameters of reverb and modulated effects. TONE, DECAY, MIX respectively controls the tone, decay and ratio of reverb effect; and SPEED, RANGE, DEPTH respectively controls the rate, range and depth of modulated effect. They have so great adjustment range that different combination of the position could even make you believe that you’ve pushed down another pedal. Tone storage function: Reverie Reverb has 5 preset tones, where you can store your favorite and common tones through the Store knob. When you’ve got the tone you want, push the Store Knob. Then the Preset indicator light begins flashing. After choosing the preset tones through footswitch, push the Store Knob again and the preset light will flash twice quickly, which indicates the tone has been stored successfully. If you don’t need it, just click any knob before the last move of pushing Store Knob to get out of the storage mode. Tap Tempo: Tap Tempo could adjust the rate of effect sound during a live show, more convenient than the knob operation. In the Shimmer and Octave mode, push down the Tap Tempo footswitch and spin TONE/PARAM X knob can change the intensity of the Shimmer and Octave effects. With simple introduction, we know that Reverie Reverb keeps Mooer design concept—simple and elegant. It has professional tone quality, rich tones and convenient using experience. We expect you to find more advantages of it. Tones description Reverb: the natural reverb effect is able to change from ROOM to HALL through adjusting the depth of parameters. Plate: simulating the plate reverberation Shimmer: added some more reverb types based on the normal reverb, with luxuriant overtones and nearly perfect spaciousness Octave: add the octave effect Modulation: add the modulation effect Modulation: Wah: add the wah effect Low-Pass: add the low pass filter effect Flanger: add the flanger effect Tremolo: add the tremolo effect Water: add the special phase effect Features The high quality DSP chip makes sure the high quality of reverb sound Five reverb modes --- each could be mixed with five different modulation effects. The preset function: it is convenient to preset five reverb sounds you like. Special Pan Mod function: to enjoy the acoustic image changing effect of the stereo. The design of double footswitches makes it easier to change the tones, which is convenient for the live show. Tap Tempo function: makes it much easier to adjust the rate. Two-channel stereo for input and output connectors. Specification Input: monaural jack (impedance: 1Meg Ohms) Output: monaural jack (impedance: 100 Ohms) Sampling rate: 44.1k Sampling precision: 32bit Power requirements: AC adapter 9V DC (center minus plug), recommended to use Mooer Micro Power. Current Draw: 130mA Dimensions: 106mm(D) x96mm(W) x53mm(H) Weight: 450g