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MOOER burst onto the music products scene in 2010 with the original micro-sized guitar effects pedals. An original concept developed by four friends living in the fast-developing city of Shenzhen; each passionate about the combination of music and technology. Today MOOER is an industry leader, providing professional sounding, high-tech products for musicians around the world.

MOOER's technological capabilities continue to grow year after year, bringing highly creative and innovative products to market. In 2016, MOOER began its very first artist collaboration with the development of complex digital products such as the Devin Townsend OCEAN MACHINE, the MICRO PREAMP series, the GE200 multi-effects unit and the RADAR IR Loader. The trend continued in 2018 with the critically-acclaimed PREAMP LIVE preamp modeller and amplification products, as well as introducing new combination pedalboard solutions with the TRUCK series.

As the music industry continues to evolve and technology continues to play a major role, MOOER continues to offer the latest in high-quality audio products with a focus on innovative technology and ergonomic designs at an affordable price.
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